Joshua Priestley is a filmmaker and photographer based in New York City.  He utilizes his technical expertise and versatility in both disciplines to capture the emotional connection between the subject and the outside world. By stripping away extraneous elements, his work possesses a realism that pulls the viewer into a compelling examination of existential questions in everyday life.

     After growing up among the pines and beaches of southern New Jersey, Joshua pursued his work in New York. While studying his cinema influences and making films of his own, he honed his filmmaking craft working under American independent film director Jim Jarmusch.  These experiences enhanced his passion for the form of cinema and his exploration of storytelling through the still and moving image.
     Joshua’s creative endeavors include the production of music videos (Hobo Nephews, Teague Alexy, Still Blue Still Turning), short films, portrait and documentary photography, writing screenplays and other stories, and acting as creative director for the independent record label Consider It Correspondence.  

     Joshua has a Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking and a minor in Photography. He is currently in post production on an experimental drama short film, the story of a man forced to evaluate the direction of his life after a personal traumatic event, starring Teague Alexy, to be released in the Fall of 2016.